Gemini School of Dance

Principal : Jacqui Everson A.I.S.T.D.(Dip)

Sunday December 6th 2020.

Hi all. Well where have the last 9 months gone! The time seems to have flown and Christmas is upon us although not quite the usual Christmas. But hey ho we have to enjoy as much family time as we can. Gareth and I will be having Xmas lunch on our own but with our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons up the road, we will be exchanging presents in their garage with lots of ventilation, and no doubt a lovely glass of wine! We will have so much making up to do once things look safer for us all in 2021. Gemini classes have been up and running since the end of September and attendance has been pretty good. I have decided to take 3 weeks off for the Xmas break as covid cases are pretty high at the moment and it's one less journey for parents to make at this difficult time. Our show is planned for July 2021 and we have started a few dances towards this. Fingers very firmly crossed! Also, I would like to plan an exam session for mainly seniors for March/April time but am waiting just a bit longer before booking, in case of last minute cancellation. We will have our choreographic Gemini competition towards the summer but not yet planned a date. The Cecchetti choreographic competition is in January online and it will be seniors only for this event this time.
Have a lovely Xmas break and a happy new year to you all !
Jacqui x

Sunday September 13th 2020.

Hi all, I hope you are all well and still sane after the last 6 months. It has been such a strange time for us all but in a way, a good time and I'm sure we've all enjoyed and appreciated the simple things in life especially family time. I hope we can make some headway with classes this term and not have too much disruption. I am so looking forward to seeing all my lovely geminite pupils.

Saturday May 2nd 2020.

Hi all, I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these very strange times. Life has slowed down for many although I know many of you will also be working hard from home and as key workers in many areas doing amazing work. You are all wonderful! We are on hold for now with our normal classes but online ZOOM classes have been running successfully for a few weeks now and all Gemini dancers taking part seem to be enjoying them, I certainly am although it is in a very isolated way of teaching! I do enjoy seeing all the lovely faces on my screen. My classes for now are Mondays and Thursdays and if you have not received the ID numbers and passwords required for each class please let me know and I can send them out to you.

All examinations have been cancelled for now but hopefully we will be back on track in a little while. Also our show is planned for November but I will keep everyone posted regarding that.

Sunday September 22nd 2019.

Welcome back all after our good summer break! After a very busy last term we have plenty to work for this term. We have a choreographic competition in November, certificate presentations in October, Cecchetti ballet awards in February and exams in April and June. We also have a show booked at the Congress Theatre for November 2020. So lots to keep us all out of mischief. Let's hope we have a lovely Autumn! Please feel free to contact me at any time by e-mail, phone or facebook!
Tel: 07962233396


Sunday September 9th 2018.

Hi All..I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely summer break and the fabulous's been fantastic and just what we have all deserved! A busy term awaits us with show preparations for our February show at the Congress Theatre where we will be putting on lots of musical theatre and Ballet, Jazz and lyrical dance. Our mini ballets will be Sleeping beauty and The Ugly Duckling and we have numbers from The Greatest Showman and The Lion King. Also a few solo songs from our accomplished singers. Costumes will start to be distributed in October and as we will have around 1000 costumes in the show, this will take a while as you can imagine!

Exams went very well in July with many distinctions and merits. Let's hope we have a good Autumn!

Jacqui :-) .

Wednesday June 13th 2018.

Hi all. We have had a very busy 6 months with ballet exams in March with excellent results! Also, our charity show at the Congress Theatre raised a total of £2000 towards Cancer research and student bursaries and it was a great show enjoyed by all! Our Wales and West Cecchetti awards were a great success with many winners and to wind the term down now we have 3 days of ballet exams in July. Our show is now in February of next year as it would have been too soon in November with all of the planning. Also a choreographic competition will be in the Autumn and I promise you will be notified of the date in the next 2 weeks when my end of term newsletter will be distributed.
Lastly some very exciting news....We have 6 pupils who are going to Spain at the end of June to represent Wales in the Dance World Cup ! Sammy Harding one of our former pupils and wonderful teacher has choreographed the dances and the pupils are Alfie Jones, Amelia Johnson, Maia Elsworthy, Jess Parfitt, Alana Bann, Alice Roberts and Laniah Linton. We wish them all the best!

Happy summer holidays to all


Monday January 29th 2018.

Hi all !...We are up and running again after our Xmas break with all pupils working hard for the next couple of terms which will be very busy. We have our Cecchetti annual awards at the Congress theatre on February 11th. The week commencing, February 26th it's exam certificate and class demonstrations when parents are invited to come along and watch their child's classes. Senior pupils are sitting their vocational Intermediate foundation examinations on March 23rd. Our Charity show is on April 22nd at 5pm at the Congress Theatre with all senior pupils. Phew ! peace for the wicked .....!

Best New Year wishes to you all


Sunday September 10th 2017.

Hi Everyone !..I hope you have all had a lovely summer break ....I don't know where the time has gone, the 6 week holiday has flown !...Lots happening this year with exams again in November and a charity show in the spring involving all seniors. This event will be to raise money for Cancer Research which in some way or another does seem to affect many of us. It will be a fun show with singing and dancing and your support would be greatly appreciated. The younger would enjoy coming along I'm sure as they don't get the opportunity to watch the older students.
Our recent exams were very successful with many merits and distinctions ...again we managed to achieve 100% pass rate and all dancers worked very hard towards their exams. Our older students are doing very well too and you can check out the info on our highlights page of the website. Our associates are all eager to start the new year with great teachers who always come along and give great inspiration and encouragement to the students.

Here's to a good Autumn term !

Best wishes to all !


Sunday May 21st 2017.

Hi all, the summer term is rolling by quickly and June is around the corner.
All is calm again for a while after our last show in March which was a great success - I was delighted with all pupils, behaviour and performance wise!
DVDs have all been ordered and photos of the show are being ordered, and its not too late if anyone would still like to order.
Exam forms are being given out for our two day session on July 11th and 12th.
Please ensure that all costumes have been returned to me for storage.
Hope the weather behaves for us all to enjoy during the next few months !


Sunday January 29th 2017.

Hi everyone! Countdown has begun with only 9 weeks left before our forthcoming show in the Congress Theatre Cwmbran. Tickets can be purchased from the Congress Theatre, telephone number 01633 868239. My newsletter will be given out to pupils this week with lots of show info regarding costumes, nights that the little ones are dancing etc. Our dance numbers are coming on well with dances from Cats, High School Musical, Bugsy Malone, Thriller and Strictly! We have contemporary and ballet dance pieces and some beautiful singing. Our main ballet is 'La Fille Mal Gardee', a comedy set in a French farm village with many funny characters..lots of chickens, butterfies and grand dame...Widow Simone who wishes her beautiful daughter Lise to marry the eccentric Alain. However Lise has other ideas! So there will be plenty of variety with something for everyone! Hope you enjoy!


Sunday December 4th 2016.

Hi everyone! Just getting over my knee arthroscopy and thank you for bearing with me whilst I took a weeks break. Still hobbling but we will be up and running again from Monday 28th November.The show is looming nearer but as Captain Mainwaring always said don't panic!! I will be giving out costume hire forms to parents in the next two weeks for parents to return with the appropriate costume fee. As most of you know I supply all costumes and headresses which are then returned to me after the show week. I have decided on the evenings that the little ones are performing, so you can ask me anytime. It will be either Thursday and Saturday or Wednesday and Friday to perform. All younger ones do two performances each and the rest of the school do four each. The dress rehersal is it appears on Mothering Sunday but I will be probably only using part of that day, and the Monday and Tuesday before the shows for dress rehersals. Dress rehersal is Sunday 26th March and show nights run from Wed 29th to Sat April 1st. Any queries please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you, Jacqui:-)

Monday August 29th 2016.

Hi all ! I hope you have had a lovely summer break and managed to relax and chill out at some stage! It's all go now as we head into the new term with lots on the agenda. Recent ballet exams were again most successful with many distinctions and merits. We have certificate presentations and class demonstrations taking place the week commencing Monday October 10th for all classes when parents will be able to come along and watch. A fundraising show for St. Hilda's church hall will take place on Friday December 2nd during which some of the classes take part with ballet, jazz and musical theatre items. We have our annual Wales and West Cecchetti Ballet Awards at the Congress Theatre on Sunday 12th February 2017 and our Gemini show also at the Congress Theatre will run from Wednesday 29th March to 1st April with the dress rehearsal on Sunday 26th March. Examinations and our annual choreographic competition will also take place at some point during 2017 (dates to follow). We also wish 2 very special young ladies our very best wishes for their new exciting chapters in their lives:- Elinor Lamrick will be going to Oxford University to study Modern Foreign Languages (French and Italian) and Elisha Burke will be off to K.S. Dance in Warrington to study on the Classical Ballet Professional Dance course. We wish them well and we are extremely proud of them both! So lots going on for all Geminites! By the way, fees remain the same again for this year. Come along and try our Dancercise class on a Wednesday at 7.30pm - it's great fun!

Bye for now, Jacqui.

Sunday April 24th 2016.

Hi all ! I hope you all had a good break at Easter with time to chill out and relax! Last term flew by finishing with ballet exams which were most successful with all merits and distinctions.This term will be a busy one with more exams on July 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th. Our choreography competition will be at 6.30 on Friday 10th June at St. Hilda's with a £5 entry fee and we will be holding an open evening on Friday 1st July when various short class demonstrations will be showcased in ballet, jazz and musical theatre for parents and families to watch. This will be held in both halls and there will be tea and coffee, wine and nibbles. Our new mirrors and cupboards are now complete and look great after the last few months of work in the dance studio and both events will be fund raisers towards the costumes that were lost after the rat infestation and new mirrors that had to be purchased.

Let's hope the weather is kind to us this summer.
Many thanks,

Sunday March 20th 2016.

Hi all ! With exams on Thursday 24th March around the corner it's been a busy couple of months. Parents have been notified of their child's timetable and I am still awaiting the official timetable from HQ which will be put up on the website as soon as I receive it. The levels entering are pre-primary, standard 1 and grade 5. All other levels will be taken in July and dates will be confirmed shortly. The dance studio at St.Hilda's is undergoing new flooring, cupboards and new mirrors after our visitors made themselves at home (squeak squeak!) and there was rather a lot of mess in the costume boxes which has resulted in many being thrown out and lots of washing! These things are sent to try us and it will all get sorted in time. This has resulted in having to buy new mirrors for all the cupboard space and lots of new costumes will have to be replaced so we will be holding a sponsored day of dance and a dance choreographic evening in the summer term to raise funds. I will let you know after the Easter holidays of our dates for these events and will also give out sponsor forms to parents.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,

Sunday January 3rd 2016.

I hope you have all had a good Christmas and New Year! What on earth has happened to the weather? We are so lucky not to have had any flooding and I know our hearts go out to those who have been affected. On to lighter notes, after our fab show at the end of November, things have calmed down considerably and we now go back to class work, technique and thinking about exams which will be in the spring and summer. Parents will be notified by the end of January if their child will be entered for an examination. Our choreographic competition will be held in the summer term - dates to follow.

My new Dancercise class for Ladies will be starting on a Thursday from 8pm to 9pm.

If anyone has any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Tuesday 15th October 2015.

Hi all. We are getting very near to the show in November and all is going well. Letters are being distributed this week regarding costumes and half term practices.

It's been an emotional few weeks as my dad passed peacefully away on October 5th. He was 99 years young and had a wonderful life. We were very blessed to have him for so long. Thank you for all of the lovely messages and kind thoughts.

If anyone has any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Tuesday 18th August 2015.

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a good summer break, and the weather has been kind to you! I've just come back from our beloved France, where fortunately the weather was great and the wine was even better! Back down to earth now and our forthcoming show is top priority. No exam results as yet, but shouldn t be too long now.

At the end of last term, letters were given out regarding the show, with lots of other info, and I will be sending out another letter informing parents of the days that the little ones will be dancing and costume info. All seniors will dance for the four performance evenings. I will be organising all costumes some of which will be new, some will be original costumes and some will be hired. The costume charge is on last term's letter. I will also supply all headresses and props. DVD forms will be given out at the end of October and tickets for the show can be booked from the Congress Theatre as from the middle of September. The show dates are Sunday 22nd November dress rehearsal, performances will run from Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy the remaining summer!


Sunday 5th July 2015.

Hi all! This past month has been very busy with exam preparations and continuing show rehearsals ready for November. The Griffithstown school fete dances were appreciated by all and the little ones looked gorgeous in their dresses. The middles and seniors did us all proud too! Costumes will be given out in early September and you will be given an end of term costume hire and newsletter at the end of this term. We break up on Thursday 16th of July for 6 weeks.

We are delighted that Ella Appleby and Katie Whitcombe are off in September to their vocational dance schools. Ella is off to KS Dance in Warrington and Katie is going to Rubicon in Cardiff. We wish them well!

Let's hope the sun shines for us all this summer!


Sunday 19th May 2015.

Hi all! This term kicked off with lots more dances in preparation for our November 30 year Anniversary Show. We've got lots of musical theatre numbers this time, and Rosie is working really hard with pupils before she goes to New Zealand at the end of the summer term. We will truly miss her! We have another teacher stepping into continue her classes. Alice Urrutia trained at Italia Conti school of performing arts so we will welcome her to our school in September.

We have 4 mini ballets which will join to combine a storyline thread throughout the ballets. They are Cinderella,Nutcracker,Wizard of Oz and Pochahontas. After half term I will be giving parents costume hire letters well in advance of the show. We have to get very organised before the end of the summer term as there will only be 3 months as from our return back to classes in September,and time does fly !!

Examinations are set for July and entry forms have been given out this month. Not all classes will be entered. There will be further exams in the spring of 2016. Roll on the summer and hopefully the half term break will see some respectable weather !!


Sunday 12th April 2015.

Hello all!,I hope you have all had a good Easter break and been able to enjoy our wonderful sunshine! It has been amazing, and we will all be holding our breath now wondering if this is going to be our summer! We finished on a high note last term with the choreographic competition, and the winners were as follows:

Junior solo winner was Kaitlyn Hall and the junior group winners were Isabelle Morgan and Megan McCarthy.

The senior winner was Katie Whitcombe and the senior group winners were Elinor and Rhian Lamrick. Well done to those!

It was a lovely evening and all the dancers presented their dances with pride and expression. Our two singers Eleanor Loder and Erin Davies were excellent too. We managed to raise a total of £407.00 for the church, which will be split between the church and church hall funds. Thank you to all the support received at this event!

Our 30th anniversary show is the last week in November of this year, and rehearsals are well under way. Examination candidates will be notified in the next couple of weeks if they are to be entered for ballet exams in July.

Fees slips have been distributed to most pupils for the summer term and there is now the option of paying by direct debit and splitting the payments throughout the year. My bank details are on the payment slip. Let's hope our lovely weather continues for a bit longer!


Sunday 22nd February 2015.

Hello everyone! We are now busy back to work after the half term break, and have lots to look forward to. The choreographic competition is soon on 27th March at St. Hilda's church hall at 6.30pm and tickets are now available. They are £5 per person which includes refreshments and the evening includes dance and singing so come along and have fun! We have started working on lots of new dances for the November 30th anniversary show at the Congress Theatre which has a wintery, Christmasy party season theme so I will be getting out my bag of snow from the attic which will be thrown from a great height onto the stage!!! We are also continuing class work for exams in July so no time to get bored !!


Sunday 4th January 2015.

Hello all and a Happy New Year to you! We've lots coming up this year starting with the January 25th Cecchetti Ballet Awards held in the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran. It's £5 entry for spectators with dancing all day starting with the Juniors in the morning and the Middles and Seniors in the afternoon. The dancers come far and wide to take part, from Hereford to Swansea and Swindon when they perform their exercises and a dance on stage. Your support would be greatly appreciated, please come and see me for further details.

On March 27th at St.Hilda's church hall we will be holding a choreographic competition to raise money for the church hall. Entry forms are being given out as from January 5th to all interested dancers aged 9 and above. There will be a £5 spectators entry charge for this event.

I hope to plan another exam session at the end of the summer term but this will be only for some of the classes and you will be notified by Easter if your child will be taking an exam.

Our show this year will be held the last week in November 2015 when we will also be celebrating 30 years of Gemini school of Dance! Wow, now I feel very old but hey its just a number! Keep taking the tablets I say !!.Let's hope the weather behaves until the spring.

Thankyou for your continued support.


Friday 28th November 2014.

Hi All,

This term has flown by with Christmas just around the corner! It's been a busy time of late, with exams in October and all candidates have done really well with 100% pass rate, many distinctions and merits so well done to all! Reports are being given out this week, and certificates will be presented to the students during the last week of term (we finish on Fri 12th Dec), when parents can watch their child in the ballet class.

We have a choreographic competition planned for March 27th at St.Hilda's church hall and our annual Cecchetti awards competition is at the Congress Theatre on Jan 25th. Come along and watch, we would be very grateful for your support! You can pay on entry and it's £5 per spectator.

My facebook page is now Jacqui everson gemini school of dance, so you can request to be a member and keep up to date with info on the school including weather problems! My website is also fully updated so info is easily accessible.

Have a lovely Christmas all!


Friday 17th October 2014.

Hi All,

After a lovely summer and early autumn the weeks are certainly flying by! Lots going on at the moment with ballet exams shortly and lots of ballerinas practicing their exercises and smiles! Please ensure that you have checked with me on the required uniform and hair for the exams, and the time for your child. They must arrive at least half an hour before their exam. We will be holding another choreographic competition at St. Hilda's church hall in the spring, and a date is yet to be confirmed but I will know for sure in the next few weeks. The stage is to be refurbished in time for the competition, so that will be good as some of the dances will be able to be performed on stage .Our next production will be in November 2015. The dress rehersal will be on sunday 22nd of November and performances will be from Wednesday 25th November to Saturday 28th November. I am not sure as yet what the theme will be but I am sure that I will be nagged many times until my mind is made up !

Best wishes, Jacqui

Monday 4th August 2014.

Hi all,

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful weather and getting some chill time! It's been a good summer term after our April Show at the Congress Theatre, and pupils have been working hard on the forthcoming ballet examinations booked for October 22nd, 23rd and 24th. We will only have 7 weeks before the exams so regular attendance will be vital. Exam slips have been given out to parents apart from a few who were away for the last couple of weeks at the end of term. On our last day of term we held a choreographic competition at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran and raised £200.00 for the theatre to go into the auditorium refurbishment pot. The competitors all danced beautifully and it was a lovely evening which we will repeat sometime in 2015. I will be booking the next show at the Congress Theatre very soon and it will be sometime during the autumn term of 2015. Hopefully the lovely weather will continue and at some point you all manage to have a break during the summer hols. We are back to classes on Monday 1st September.

Happy holidays !


Thursday 15th May 2014.

Hi all,

Well done to all performers for a fantastic show week! I could not have been more delighted with the way the week went, with everyone dancing their hearts out and performing really well. I have had wonderful feedback from many people who thoroughly enjoyed it, and I was so proud of all the performers. My backstage helpers were wonderful, and just got on quietly getting everyone organised, keeping the show running smoothly. From the tiny tots to the seniors, all performers gave their all! The first lot of dvds have been ordered, and I will be accepting orders for the next 2 weeks and I can't wait to see it as I never get to watch the show! All costumes can be returned to me during the next month and many thanks to those who took them home after the show. We have our choreographic competition on July 17th at the Congress Theatre at 6 pm and I will have tickets on sale from myself by next week which are £5 per person. All proceeds will be donated to the Theatre for continued refurbishment. Ballet examinations are set for October 22nd, 23rd and 24th of this year so we now begin to work on the grade and class levels that the children will take. You will be notified by the end of the summer term if your child will be ready to sit their examination. There will be another session in the spring of 2015 for those who will not be sitting an exam in October. The next big production will be in the Autumn term 2015. Thank you once again for your continued support it is greatly appreciated !


Sunday 6th April 2014.

Hi all,

With only 5 weeks to our forthcoming show it's all systems go! Most of the costumes have been given out and from next week I will be giving out headdresses for the costumes. Please ensure all pupils have clean ballet and jazz shoes and good condition tights (always good to have a spare pair at the ready). The music has been recorded at the Congress theatre and backcloths ordered and I now have a running order for the show. All little ones dancing for 2 performances will be finished by half time, but if any decide that they would like to stay until the end they will be able to make an appearance on the stage with all the other dancers. My helper's rota is available for parents to pop their names down, and can be found on the table near the front door of St Hilda's church hall. At the dress rehearsal I will not be permitting any spectators into the auditorium, but we will be able to use the upstairs foyer for changing. All dancers will be notified nearer the time where they will be changing with their groups for the performance evenings. As I said previously, I will allocate parents to collect sets of costumes at the end of the show week and they can be returned to me the week after. Please also note that we are taking 2 weeks off for the end of May Whitsun break, and only one week for the school hol Easter break. All of these dates have been given on our latest newsletter but if anyone is unsure please come and ask me. The excitement is building and we are all looking forward to a happy show!!


Thursday 27th February 2014.

Hello all,

Countdown has begun and our show is fast approaching! Tickets are now on sale at the Congress Theatre and can be reserved on the telephone or booked online at the Congress Theatre's website. Technicians, backcloths and lots more costumes are on the way. My helpers rota will be put up at the church hall in 2 to 3 weeks time, when helpers can put their name down on a performing night to help with the changes.

We will be holding a choreographic competition on Thursday 17th July for all dancers aged 8 and over. We will be supporting the Congress Theatre by donating all funds for their refurbishing project which will of course benefit ourselves in the future. It will take place in the evening sometime around 6.30 pm. Spectators will be able to pay on the door and the entrance fee will be £5. Entry forms for the competition will be distributed in a couple of weeks.

There will be extra show practice during the second week of the school Easter holidays ready for the show the following week. Times and days for these practices will be on my March Newsletter.

Ballet examinations are planned for the end of October 2014 just before the half term and the dates that I have applied for are Wed 22nd, Thurs 23rd and Friday 24th of October. These will be confirmed in about 4 to 6 weeks time.

Finally we have been asked to put on another fund raising show for St. Hilda's Church at the end of the year and the date for this will be arranged very soon when you will be notified.

Thank you, Jacqui

Wednesday 15th January 2014.

Happy new year to all,

Let's hope the weather improves a little after a dreadful few weeks! Our show is going to be upon us very soon and it's all systems go from now. Our ballet is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and we have lots of lyrical and jazz dance numbers and some lovely entertaining dances from the tiny ones! Tickets will be on sale from February and can be purchased from the Congress Theatre. The younger pupils will be notified shortly which nights they will be performing. Any questions please feel free to ask at any time.


Friday 22nd November 2013.

Hello all,

it's been a hectic few weeks with exams and our photoshoot but all has gone well! We are waiting for the most recent exam results, which should be with us in a couple of weeks. The photoshoot on November 16th was very well attended, and Eliot the photographer is now scaling down the 3,000 photos that were taken so that we are left with the very best for you to select for your orders. He will be getting in touch with you via your e mail addresses when you will be able to view and select your favourites. I am sure they will be lovely ,all the models were fab! At the time of writing, I have 6 students who will be taking part in the London Cecchetti ballet awards on the 23rd and 24th November. They are Nia Hodge, Eleanor Loder, Katie Whitcombe, Elinor Lamrick, Chloe Lively and Ella Appleby. We wish them well and an enjoyable experience! Also, Ella Appleby did us very proud last week when, along with 8 other Cwmri Ballet Senior associates danced with Company dancers on stage at the Riverfront theatre in Midsummer Nights Dream. A lovely performance! I will be distributing choreographic competition entry forms next week for our competition on February 19th 2014. Please check all dates for events coming up under the new heading on the Website called " Dates for forthcoming events". Christmas is coming !!


Tuesday 1st October 2013.

Hello all,

It's sad saying goodbye to the summer especially as we had a pretty good one for a change but there is lots to keep the Gemini dancers busy throughout the autumn and winter! We have ballet exams on November 8th and 9th for a few classes and certificates have been presented this first week of October to those who sat their exams in May and July. Parents are able to come in to class and watch their child's ballet presentation. New dances are under way for the forthcoming show at St. Hilda's church hall on December 13th and you will be notified next week if your child's class is going to be performing in the show. If not, then it would be great if you could come along and support the evening with a glass of wine or a soft drink which is included in the ticket price of £6 (children go free). Proceeds will go towards the staging renovations which will of course benefit our dancers in the future. Tickets will be available from myself from next week.

Chloe Gallear and Alice Cornes have settled into their new vocational dance colleges and we look forward to hearing about their progress in the future.

Entry forms for the choreographic competition will be distributed at the end of October.

Our next production will be the ballet Snow White and we will be starting rehearsals in November for this and many other dances - so it's all go at the moment!

Bye for now Jacqui

Saturday 17th August 2013.

Hello all,

I hope you are all enjoying the summer break and have managed to chill out at some point! Last term we settled back into St Hilda's church hall and it was great to be back and into a lovely refurbished dance studio! We have a busy term coming up with more ballet exams on November the 8th and 9th for classes who did not take their exams in the May and July sessions. St Hilda's church has asked us to put on a small show this term to raise money towards future plans that include improving the staging. The date for this will be December 13th and details of which classes will be taking part will follow in the next few weeks. I have booked the Congress Theatre for our next production and this will be the week commencing April 27th 2014 and involve the whole school. I now need to put my thinking cap back on for fresh ideas and inspiration !


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